Movement/Environmental Practice

What can you expect from our Movement or Environmental study sessions?

Discover a unique approach towards your physical development that involves:

Your body.

Your brain.

Your environment.


Because this trinity shapes the moment-to-moment interactions between you and…

…everything else.

We explore the indoor and outdoor world and your inside and outside world in a fun and functional way.

In the process you develop:

functional strength, active ranges of motion and a body that offers you physical freedom.

(and much more that is hidden under these words)

What’s next?

Check out the videos below to get a taste.

Taking over the city in one of our Saturday sessions:

Exploring walls and handstands at a different location:

Combining both the indoor/outdoor learning opportunities:

And for travelers we have an immersive 1-on-1 program:

The hidden part?

This is nothing compared to the actual experiential component of what it is that we do.

Like reading the menu versus eating the meal.

So, if you are looking for a diverse approach to:

your body, brain and your natural surroundings.

Hide no longer.



Discover your hiddenbody with our introduction options.