City as a Playground


It sounds like a cool idea.


What does it really mean?

Aren’t you supposed to play inside of a high-tech facility?

The city is meant to commute through, not to play in right?

But what if you change your idea of what it means to interact with a city?

What if you learn to rediscover the eyes of a kid as an adult?

Turn every corner, every railing and every wall into a tool for self-research.

It’s a major paradigm shift…

…but a concrete jungle offers endless potential for exploration.

And when you go beyond the surface of your cultural conditioning, you end up expanding your senses and your sense of self.

You tap into your imagination and creativity as a playful human being.

And create dynamic maps of interaction and problem-solving capabilities.

The lasting results?

You develop:

a body with the strength of a gymnast and the mobility of a dancer;

a brain with the creativity of an artist and rational problem-solving skills of a scientist;

in an environment, you feel intimately connected to, like a familiar friend.

Are you interested in developing both your body and brain through a playful physical practice?

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You don’t see things as they are, you see things as you are.



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