Tutorial: 4 Golden mobility basics

GOLD for anyone.

Whether you’re an athlete or you’re sitting behind a desk all day.

At Hiddenbody we have a variety of minds and bodies studying with us.

We noticed that an element like the diagonal stretch can look quite impressive and for some, may feel scary at first.

These observations have been motivating us to always keep on eye on the deconstruction of an element or skill,

so anyone with a curious body and mind is able to join in the process.

Here are 4 exercises based on the diagonal stretch:

1. Spine flexion + extension
2. Spine rotation
3. Shoulder external rotation + scapular retraction
4. Hip extension

Try each exercise for 10-20 repetitions and repeat for 3 times.

For the ones that have already been working on the diagonal for a while,

you might want to test yourself by trying the elements shown at the end of the video.

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