Tutorial: 4 Handstand Preparation Exercises

A HUMONGOUS missing tip…

(It’s really that big)

in your handstand and acrobatics:

Your fingertips.​

Yup, those little thingies that can prevent you from falling over when you are upside down.

TRY any of these exercises for 60 seconds accumulated to develop more protection against injuries and improved balance,

before your handstand work:

1. Static quadrupedal – Two Hands x 60 seconds accumulated

2. Static quadrupedal – One Hand x 30 seconds accumulated both sides

3. Dynamic quadrupedal – Pivoting x 60 seconds accumulated alternate directions

4. Frog stand x 60 seconds accumulated

(More experienced? Do all of them one set each with 60 sec of rest in between)

And that’s just the beginning of the fireworks

as you can see at the ending.

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