Tutorial – Spine Basics

Want to learn how to relieve yourself from stress and stiffness in your back?

Expand your breathing?

Discover new tools for self expression?

Try these spine basics.

Element A: Start from cervical to lumbar. Add more complexity by mixing the order and increasing in speed / 3 sets of 2 minutes / 60 seconds rest in between.

Element B: Full chain peel aways starting from the bottom and the top / 3 sets of 10 repetitions per side / 60 seconds rest or no rest.

Element C: Spinal expression / 3 sets of 2 minutes / 60 seconds rest in between.


This is just one starting point in adding quality to your daily movement.

And you might experience that

having more trust and freedom in the body

will leave more space open for other important aspects of your life.

(for example, going all out, dancing like a crazy person to your favorite song, because why try to spend so much energy on ”acting normal” all day

or is this just me?)

Some of the benefits of this work contain:

Better breathing
Movement intelligence
Postural improvement
Efficient coordination of the whole body
Less injury prone
Protecting vital nerves between brain and body

Imagine your body without a spine.

Could you still call this a body?

Do not take it for granted.

Do not hide.

And if you start your movement journey:

Why not begin by

improving the fine line that keeps everything whole.



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