Movement education for body and brain. 

What we do

Reconnect with your body in a functional & fun way.


Develop an injury-free body and explore our approach towards your physical development with minimum equipment.


Increase your strength and flexibility in a functional way. And discover the physical freedom to express who you are.


Use play to stimulate your body and brain in small group indoor/outdoor study sessions.

About Rich & Jori

We teach from experience and passion.

Hi, there. We are Rich and Jori. Our approach is primarily inspired by our long-term physical education based on the Ido Portal Method with direct guidance from: Marcello Palozzo and Shai Faran. Read more in our blog posts.

We facilitate students in their movement education through structured indoor/outdoor play. Subjects we work on are: handstands; flexibility; strength; soft acrobatics; meditation; parkour and more. Curious? Click on the button below.


Click on the video below to hear what Tiemen likes about movement.

Move your body & brain

Develop a functional body through structured play. Discover your Hiddenbody.